Fall 2018 slideshow with music by our friend Ada Pasternak

A note from  LOUISE GREEN 

The body is a blank canvas waiting to be painted with hats clothes & other accessories.  The hat and clothes you wear are a reflection of your own personality, creativity and how you present yourself in this world.  I am a firm believer that there are no rules when it comes to fashion.  It is such a personal thing! 

From my studio in West Los Angeles, I have been joyfully creating handmade couture millinery for the past 30 years.   I am continually inspired to bring fresh viewpoints of color, style & fashion  through my designs.  Style and the freedom to put new and different looks together is a never-ending source of joy.  It is a large part of my personal style aesthetic. 

I hope you feel the freedom to wear these hats with classic dresses, jeans or pants.  Enjoy!!!

With Love,