Louise Green Millinery - romantic and beautiful, vintage inspired creations that have crowned stylish women, music and movie stars since 1987. Louise has a unique and intuitive ability to combine colors, materials and textures, creating wearable works of art. All hats are handmade and trimmed with the finest ribbons, flowers, feathers and crystals.  Utilizing an extensive collection of vintage blocks (hat shapes), the designs mirror current trends through their color and adornment, completing any fashionable ensemble.  The patented silk-covered elastic sweatband, ensures that the hat is comfortable to wear while allowing for variation in head sizes. British born and raised, Louise studied fine arts in her university education.  Less formally, the streets and people of London instilled a fascination for the richness of the past and a passion for ornamentation and color.  By the time Louise came to the United States in 1984 she was able to combine these passions with an intuitive sense of design.  Within three years she had begun her journey as a milliner.  Immediately the hats were selling at the most exclusive boutiques in Los Angeles.  The press praised her as a masterful designer and a prominent drive in the resurgence of hats. "I have always loved to wear hats.  I realized early on in my career as a milliner that most women had lost the art of wearing a hat with confidence.  With that in mind, I set out to create a line of luscious, romantic hats that are comfortable and easy to wear.  Each season, I study upcoming trends in ready-to-wear, looking at clothing silhouettes and color.  From that knowledge, I choose the shapes and a color palette that is new and also flattering to the complexion.  Trims are sourced from all over the world and put together to create a wearable work of art". Since its inception, the business has grown from serving an elite West Los Angeles clientele to include many of the finer boutiques and department stores across the United States and around the world.  Louise Green hats are also consistently featured in top fashion magazines and on the heads of some of music and movies brightest stars.  At the 9,000 square foot factory in the heart of West Los Angeles, California, Louise Green currently operates one of the most successful high-end millinery companies in the United States. Louise Green has won Millinery Designer Of The Year three times.  In the annual event sponsored by the Headwear Information Bureau, the New York fashion press and trade executives first distinguished Louise Green for her contemporary view of her own trademark romantic millinery.  Romantic hats are not a necessity, but wearing a beautiful hat lifts the spirit.  A hat should be worn with a sense of fun and flirtation! Smile & enjoy!