LOUISE GREEN featured in Mondette

Mondette is a popular blog about scouting out what's new in retail and fashion, food and restaurant, real estate, beauty, trends, sales and more in Los Angeles. This week, Mondette interviewed Louise. To see the blog, visit: Portraits - Milliner Louise Green

Excerpt from Mondette

 Why we like her: The royal wedding a couple of months ago got even the last of us paying attention to hats. And even though we don’t need any protection against freezing temperatures on our heads, protection against the burning sun is as necessary, and hats are such a stylish option! They have the ability to effortlessly turn your most casual outfit into a stunner  and Louise’s (who’s British by the way) extensive collection is all made in-house in LA. I had the pleasure of getting a tour of her millinery in West LA and as always, it’s great to see such a traditional craft still being honed today. I highly recommend stopping by her shop and checking out her meticulously fabricated pieces! (Find out where Louise gets her vintage pieces after the jump).

August 15, 2011 by Lawrence Green
Tags: Mondette
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