Louise Green White Fedora in People Magazine Special Scandal Edition

2018 People Magazine Scandal Special Edition

Ahead of the series’ upcoming finale this spring, PEOPLE spoke to the show’s favorite gladiators and power players for a new special magazine edition, All Seven Seasons of Scandal.

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope

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April 27, 2018 by Lawrence Green


April 18, 2018

Lyn Paolo pours one out, figuratively, by sharing the heartfelt stories behind her favorite Olivia Pope costumes.

Throughout seven seasons of ABC's "Scandal," the much-discussed costumes by Lyn Paolo helped impart "IT'S HANDLED" through Olivia Pope's plush designer outerwear and a comprehensive collection of black and white dresses suitable for all types of swampy Washington, D.C. occasions. Plus, those sumptuous and roomy Pradabags pulled double-duty for holding incriminating photos, various iterations of smartphones and, apparently, mints and camouflaging Kerry Washington's IRL baby bump. 

But the "Scandal" costumes sent a deeper message by showing that killer — see what I did there? — fashion is a tool for both inspiring and equipping smart, successful and ambitious women in a professional setting — whether high, low or both. Paolo intentionally mixed high-end fashion (that designers literally ripped off mannequins in the hopes of dressing Kerry Washington) with accessible brands. The costume designer was also on the forefront of tweeting directly with ultra-engaged fans about where to find Olivia and co.'s exact wardrobe, or comparable (and affordable) alternatives.


But during a free moment, the costume designer was more than happy to get nostalgic over her favorite of Olivia's costumes on "Scandal," and reflect on why the moments means so much to her and the fans. Paolo hopes the show's legacy through costume will live on long after Olivia presumably leaves the White House and her fixer days for an idyllic life in Vermont spent with President Fitzgerald Grant [Tony Goldwyn] and an artisanal jam-making business.

"I would want women to look at Olivia and, in fact, all of the cast, as inspirations," says Paolo. "I hope the show has shown women how to be themselves in the workplace and how we can all find our own strut with fashion as our inspiration."   


Photo: ABC/Richard Cartwright

"I love 'The White Hat' — mostly because it was from David [Rosen, played by Josh Molina], but also because it embodies the Olivia who is on the right path. I also love that it was made here in Los Angeles by Louise Green, a milliner who does amazing work."

The "Scandal" series finale airs at 10 p.m. on Thursday, April 19.


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April 18, 2018 by Lawrence Green

Shonda Rhimes gives Ellen Degeneres Scandal White Hat



Shonda Rhimes gave Ellen a gift of an original Olivia Pope white hat worn by Kerry Washington on the 2013 Scandal episode, White Hat’s Off.  The hat, designed by Louise Green, is our Danny in winter white velour with a narrow velvet band and beaded appliqué.    Shonda Rhimes, creator, writer &  producer of the hit TV show Scandal appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show this week.                                                            See the Danny in winter white on our website.                                   Update:  Four days later on the Ellen Show, Kerry Washington says that one of the few White Hats that we made for the show is now in the Smithsonian.  

Watch the video:  The hat is given to Ellen at about 45 seconds into the video.


November 09, 2015 by Lawrence Green

Kerry Washington in Louise Green white hat

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in the hit TV show Scandal in Louise Green hat.  In the appropriately named episode, White Hat’s Off, Kerry is wearing a Danny in winter white velour with narrow velvet band and beaded appliqué.

See a video clip of Scandal.

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July 22, 2013 by Lawrence Green