Shonda Rhimes gives Ellen Degeneres Scandal White Hat



Shonda Rhimes gave Ellen a gift of an original Olivia Pope white hat worn by Kerry Washington on the 2013 Scandal episode, White Hat’s Off.  The hat, designed by Louise Green, is our Danny in winter white velour with a narrow velvet band and beaded appliqué.    Shonda Rhimes, creator, writer &  producer of the hit TV show Scandal appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show this week.                                                            See the Danny in winter white on our website.                                   Update:  Four days later on the Ellen Show, Kerry Washington says that one of the few White Hats that we made for the show is now in the Smithsonian.  

Watch the video:  The hat is given to Ellen at about 45 seconds into the video


November 09, 2015 by Lawrence Green
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